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You said you wanted to watch me masturbate- right?  Well have a seat then.

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good kitty.

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Sir says:  I have told My kitten repeatedly “I am going to spank you to tears, Mine.”  And I meant it.

Sometimes My girl needs her tears.  Needs to kick and scream and struggle and cry out.  Call Me an evil bastard and say that she never wants to see Me again.

Sometimes My girl needs to show herself that Master is really in charge and will take care of her no matter what.

And when she’s done I’ll dry her tears and hold her in My arms until she falls asleep.

Because sometimes that is what My kitten will need.

And it’s My job to fill those needs.

kitten: Only you truly know what I need Master…..besides. Sounds like fun. ^.^

Need this right now

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What i wear under my clothes from time to time


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Experimental Relationship by Yijun Liao

Couple’s Gender-Bending Photo Series Challenges Our View Of Traditional Relationships

'Experimental Relationship' flips the image of masculine power on its head, turning the woman into the purveyor of control through poses, gestures and interactions between two parts of a couple, all caught on film. In the photos, Moro (Liao’s boyfriend) can be seen as the submissive party — directed, managed and laid bare (quite literally) by Liao.

With captions like “You don’t have to be a boy to be my boyfriend” and the seemingly facetious “Relationships work best when each partner knows their proper place,” Liao disrupts our gendered expectations and creates a beautiful examination of passion and sexual connection along the way.”

i need some helium balloons, IMMEDIATELY.

hella cute.

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